Friday, July 8, 2011

Who needs sperm anyway.

JC went to freeze another sample today. A back up to the back up, I guess.
The RE called today to tell us there were exactly zero living sperm in the sample. Not even one.

Like always- just when I think I'm on the upswing- something sends me plummeting into the depths of despair. I haven't cried in two weeks and now I'm trying desperately to stop.

I fucking hate infertility. I hate this roller coaster. I'm ready to give up and we haven't even started.

Free Dinner? OK!

My friend D (from THIS post) offered to make me dinner tonight- an offer that from anyone except her, I would have politely turned down. Part of the low iodine diet is just having control over what's in your food. And some people don't understand how strict the diet actually is so I would be too nervous that they wouldn't follow all the rules. But D has been through TWO rounds of Radiation Iodine. She is a low iodine PRO. Her ThyCa cookbook is well worn in and dog-eared.

She made us:
Pork Carnitas
Fresh Salsa
Candied Almonds
Chocolate Pudding Cake
Fresh Applesauce

This is the best gift anyone could ever give me these days! I didn't have to cook a thing and got to take all the leftovers home. I have the best friends.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Insurance

Good News!
JC got a new job. So along with a raise (YEAH!) that means we'll get new insurance. I told him that this job offer is contingent on the insurance plan. When you have Cancer, you can't mess around with health insurance. It's got to be the real deal.

It's a small company and they told him they have the "Cadillac" of health plans. So I'm hoping that this means all my thyroid docs will be within the network and none of that will have to change. I refuse to leave my endo!

And maybe, just maybe...we'll get infertility coverage out of this. Does IVF fit in that Cadillac??

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm going to be famous-ish!

My oldest friend, S, called me last week to ask me how I felt about talking about my infertility. She was asking because a friend of hers who is a freelance writer was looking for pairs of friends dealing with difficult life situations (infertility, death of a loved one, etc.) and S told her about us. She asked if I wouldn't mind sharing my story with her and being part of the article.

So now I'm going to be famous-ish! She asked me about how infertility had impacted my friendship with S and how she was able to be a good friend to me through the experience. She asked me about what advice I would give others who have friends going through infertility. They even called and interviewed both my RE and a counselor at their office on how to deal with a friend going through infertility struggles.

Even if it helps one person- it's worth telling the story.

Low Iodine: Take 2

I'm back on the low iodine wagon. This time I was much more prepared for the weeks ahead. I spent my Independence Day in the kitchen. I made a ton of low iodine goodies so that the cooking part of this whole thing isn't so painful.

I made basmati rice and really, really good turkey chili. Roasted lots of veggies. Made my green egg salad and some painfully dry banana coconut bread (maybe it will be better with some jelly on it?).

But the best find of all was the oatmeal cookies. Holy Crap they are good! It's like a little slice of sanity- without the iodine.

So two weeks of this. I've done worse for two weeks.