Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ornament Exchanage

On the message board I am active on- 3T- we did a holiday ornament exchange. I got this awesome package in the mail today from Emily. Orange sparkly ornaments and homemade english toffee! SCORE! The ornaments glow with the lights on the tree. I love orange- it's my absolute favorite. I really think that there is something awesome about snail mail. Even when you kind of know it's coming. It seems like it arrives exactly on the day you need it. I love you 3T girls. <3

A Few Things

I'm seriously a blogging slacker. SORRY!

1. I took a mental health day from work yesterday. I was in a total panic about not having time to get everything I need to get done accomplished at home so I stayed home and did all of it. And now I'm in a total panic about getting all my work done at work. I can't win.

2. I've learned that my husband shops for toys specifically for the purpose of torturing my cat.

3. I'm desperately seeking a job working for Uncle Sam. Anyone got a hook up??

4. I spent last weekend with my high school friends. I'm hoping that we'll spend one weekend together every Christmas season. I'm so thankful to have them in my life.

5. I hate myself for not doing picture Christmas cards this year. They are so much less work. Totally selfish reason for doing it, but the truth.

6. J is giving me a complex about Christmas. There are about 10 things under the tree for me. Show off!

7. Pretty sure I'm going to fail at my reading challenge this year. I'm reading like a freak trying to catch up. 50 books in a year doesn't sound like a lot, but holy shiz it really is.

8. We're going to J's company Christmas party this weekend. They are putting us up in a hotel. I'm getting wasted and having hotel sex. Trust.

9. I have spent the entire day fighting the urge to cry. Why? No reason really. Just general life suckage.

10. I'm newly addicted to playing Hangin with Friends. Like Words With Friends, but hangman. Wanna play? I'm Kathy4678.