Friday, August 20, 2010

Nervous again...

JC goes for SA numero 2 today. We need the numbers to be better than or equal to the last SA. If it is- we can have ICSI done by JC just giving a sample. If it's any worse- they will need to take tissue in order to get sperm. And holy crap- that might be JC's worst fear. EV-ER.

So cross your fingers for good swimmers today.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful that I have supportive people around me. Everyone I have told about our IVF plans has really been so great and supportive. I am so lucky to have that.

What are you thankful for today?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

$$ Show Me the Money $$

How in Gods name do people pay for IF treatments? Now that I am *a little bit* over the shock part of all of this- reality is setting in. How on earth can we afford IVF? Are we better off doing Shared Risk? So many more questions come up.

Here is a list of my financial gripes about this situation.
1. Insurance is a crock.
I have a 10 month waiting period on my insurance for Infertility coverage. So that means 10 months from my start date for any type of diagnostic testing. That puts me out till end of January. Which would be fine if we weren't dealing with JC's Low T issues. 10 month waiting period means no end in sight for JC's issues unless the new uro is a miracle worker. Even if he is- we can't afford to pay OOP for testing and drugs. Just not gonna happen. So we wait.

2. We are moving.
We're selling our house and moving into my 750 sq. ft. condo so we can save everything we possibly can to pay for IVF. It's going to be miserable, but in the end- hopefully will allow us to save enough to not have this put us in a huge financial pit. Moving sucks.

Now I just need the house to sell quickly. It goes on the market September 1!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Chicken or the Egg?

I might be puking blog entries all over the place. Now that I've started updating, I feel like there is so much to say.

JC is making me nuts. I'm running into a "What came first- chicken or egg?" scenario with him. So we found out about the Low T. Check. Then we found out that he is having liver issues- Fatty Liver Disease- to be specific. He is gaining weight. He's tired all the time. And now is blaming it all on the Low T. Except he told me today that he had Popeye's for lunch. So what causes what? Low T causes all of this mess or being overweight is causing Low T, Fatty Liver, etc.? Chicken or Egg?

I know all his stuff is connected. The weight, the fatigue, the hormones...but at the same time- Popeye's isn't gonna help. SO frustrating for me because I know that if all of this is connected- then he's not doing all he can to change or fix the problem.

I have told him that I'm upset about this, but I can't nag him into submission. I can't force a 34 year old man to eat salads. He has to be in charge of what he puts in his mouth. (Ew. Gross. Sorry.) I can't be his mommy. I need a doctor to lay the hammer down on him. I'm really hoping that the urologist can enlighten us (with me asking all the proper leading questions, clearly).