Friday, December 10, 2010

Bitter Betty?

Someone called me bitter today. Ok, so it was on the interwebz, but still. Bitter. Me. Whaaat? Am I?

Ok, so *maybe* I'm having a bitter day. But just maybe.

My sister is pregnant again. Her kids will be 1 year and 20 days apart. Irish Twins. I LOVE my nephew. He is so cute and so sweet. I love him the most. Today I found out that Baby #2 is a girl. And instead of having happy thoughts about dressing up my niece and going to ballet recitals and playing with her dolls- I was green with envy and 100% jealous. My mom called me and was so excited and already shopping and I was trying not to cry on the phone. So now she'll have one of each before I'll even be pregnant. She has officially stolen all the grandchild thunder right out from under me.

Disclaimer: In reality- I am thrilled. I love being an aunt and I will love having a niece. I would never say any of this to my sister, it's my own internal crazy.

Infertility seriously BLOWS.