Friday, April 22, 2011

Radiation Iodine Schedule

I talked to Nuclear Medicine today and got my schedule for Radiation Iodine.

Here's the scoop:
June 13: Start really sucky low iodine diet.

*Side note: You have no idea how much iodine is in food. Basically low iodine diet = only eat sucky foods. Awesomesauce.

June 27: Thyrogen Shot
June 28: Thyrogen Shot
June 29: Take I123 pill to prepare for Uptake Scan and have scan of salivary glands
June 30: Uptake scan to determine I131 dose

July 5: Thyrogen Shot
July 6: Thyrogen Shot
July 7: Admitted to the Hospital for RAI Treatment.
So they give you the dose of radioactive iodine and then you wait 2 hours to maximize absorption. And then you start showering, eating candy, and drinking water. They don't want to have radiation "resting" anywhere that bodily fluid may accumulate- your salivary glands, your bladder, resting on your skin from seeping out your pores. I was told at least 5 showers in a 24 hour period. I have to bring candy with me that will cause me to salivate. And I have to be constantly drinking fluid. Sounds fun, right?
July 8: Released from hospital once my radiation levels are acceptable for the general public.
July 9-13: Will be at home in isolation. I won't be allowed within 3 feet of anyone (including my cat) for more than just enough time to walk past them. JC and I will live on separate floors of the house. Boo Kitty will go on a week long vacation at my Mom's house. I'll need to get a set of sheets and towels that will be essentially disposable. JC won't be allowed in the same bathroom that I'll use. I'll need two sets of clothes- one day time and one night time. Each time I wake up, I'll need to change clothes and wash my clothes, sheets, and towels from the night before. I'll need to shower 2-3 times a day. All my plates, cups, utensils for the week will be disposable. (Sorry environment!)
July 13: Post Therapy Scan

So the good part- no real physical pain- aside from the freakin DRY ASS skin I will have after 85 million showers in a week. And after all that mess is done- I should have about a 2% chance of recurrence. Not bad odds.

I was hoping to get this done in June, but no dice. There is currently a global shortage of Thyrogen so this was the earliest they anticipate having the meds for me. Countdown to IVF: 15 months. Holy Crap that feels like forever.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Come out of Hiding!!

I have to admit that I am a total blog whore. I love it when I get a new follower. And I love the comments. I admitted the other day that this blog is somewhat self serving. It's like therapy for me.

But it's *really* nice to know that others read it.

And I look at my blog stats all the time. I discuss them with my friend lissasue. I'll never beat her in number of followers, though. Sadness. And then she and my recent blogging friend Kelly posted about outing all the lurkers. And now I'm curious.

If you read my blog- Tell me about yourself! How did you find my blog? What would you like to know about me? Extra points for funny questions.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Want to hear something terrible?

My niece was born today. Miss Olivia Grace M-. 8lbs. 2oz. 21 inches long.

And when I found out she was here, I cried. And not happy cry- woe is me cry. I cried cause I'm afraid I'll never have an Olivia.

Thank God my sister will never see this.

Monday, April 18, 2011

What makes a good day?

Two things REALLY made today Super Mega Awesome.

1. I got my pathology report back today and ALL the lymph nodes are CANCER FREE!! And that means NO MORE SURGERY!! WAAAHOO!! Amazeballs. Simply Amazeballs. There ended up being three instances of cancer in the thyroid and one of the nodules had some more aggressive cells in it. Because of that, Super Endo recommends that I go through radiation iodine treatment. And really- I'm ok with that. As long as I don't have to have any more surgery- I'm down. So REALLY good news.

2. My kind, kind friend Katie (from THIS post) offered to come with me to the hospital today. Katie is a Hematology/Oncology nurse (for kids, but whatevs)and is familiar with all the medical jargon and hospital business. And she knows that it was TOTALLY possible for me to actually murder my mother before the day ended. So it was very kind of her to offer to be the buffer and translator of all things medical. Soooooooooooo...we go into the nuclear medicine department and there is Dr. Garcia. Dr. McDreamy Garcia. My young, cute, non-wedding ring wearing radiation oncologist. Dr. McDreamy Garcia and Katie spent my appointment being flirty mcflirty. McDreamy Garcia offered all of us his card at the end of the appointment and Katie promptly asked him out for drinks via email. I'm so proud of Katie for this and told her I would have to blog about it.

So dear blog readers- Cross your fingers that the good news keeps flowing for both Katie and I.

And since you were all is a link to Dr. McDreamy Garcia. CLICK ME.