Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Low Iodine: Take 2

I'm back on the low iodine wagon. This time I was much more prepared for the weeks ahead. I spent my Independence Day in the kitchen. I made a ton of low iodine goodies so that the cooking part of this whole thing isn't so painful.

I made basmati rice and really, really good turkey chili. Roasted lots of veggies. Made my green egg salad and some painfully dry banana coconut bread (maybe it will be better with some jelly on it?).

But the best find of all was the oatmeal cookies. Holy Crap they are good! It's like a little slice of sanity- without the iodine.

So two weeks of this. I've done worse for two weeks.


  1. I hear the resilience in your voice there, Julia Childs! Can't wait for my low iodine meal soon!

  2. Two weeks. You can do it! Plus, oatmeal cookies are YUMMY

  3. Those all sound pretty good! You can do it! :)