Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ten Things on Tuesday

On Wednesday....

So a little late, but that's ok. I've been a lazy blogger lately. So hopefully 10 Things will keep things up to date a little better when I don't have time for big long blog entries.

1. I survived a second trip to the dentist. I went all by myself- no adult supervision. No sedation. I got the needles and everything. Pretty impressed with myself. One more appointment and I should be done with that hot mess.

2. I got sick last week. I hate being sick. But hopefully my one sickness of the season and I'm back to good health.

3. My trip to Maine has been postponed indefinitely. So probably won't be eating a lobster anytime soon. And Hi to the Machias lady who commented on my blog- sorry I won't be visiting.

4. J's new job came with a new schedule. While I usually had the early morning to myself, now we're bumping into each other trying to get ready and I've had to adjust my whole "getting ready" process. Not fun. Needless to say, I've been getting to work SUPER early and that puts me in bed at 9 like a senior citizen. Lamesauce.

5. J's new job came with a new paycheck. YEAH! We're in the midst of getting our finances organized and going on financial lock down so we can prepare for the future- whatever it may bring.

6. My husband now officially weighs less than me. A depressing day. Time to get crackin on that.

7. I realized this week that there aren't any television shows that I watch on the regular. I just watch whatever J has on- usually not something I would pick. If we got rid of cable, I would survive.

8. I watched season 1 of The Tudors while ill and it's like soft core porn. I'm certain that Henry VIII had syphilis.

9. I made a recipe from Pinterest the other day for dinner and it turned out to be inedible. J ended up having a sandwich for dinner. I did, however, make a successful lunch- and learned that you could pretty much wrap a shoe in crescent rolls and it would taste good.

10. I have to yell at people at work tomorrow. Well not really "yell" at them, but more like scold them. I'm so non-confrontational that my manager is sitting in on the meetings to make sure I don't go soft. bleh.

Happy Tuesday!