Tuesday, February 15, 2011

1 or 2?

How many embryos do you transfer? What do you consider when you make this decision?

I used to think- just follow the direction of the RE. He'll decide. And the more I think about it, the more things I find will factor into this decision. So here is what I'm considering so far...

1. The guidance and opinion of my RE. Clearly- this is important. He's the one with all the experience here. He will be able to help us based on the quality of my eggs, and then our embryos to decide how many to transfer. This will be a bit of a game day decision based on Fertilization Rates.

2. We're 100% Out of Pocket. So that means this may be our only shot at this. Our one chance at not only having one child, but really our only chance at having more than one. So do we put 2 back just so we have an increased chance of having more than one child? We were told that about 1/3 of couples will have embryos to freeze after a fresh cycle. Do we just cross our fingers and hope for frosties??

3. Twins are scary. I don't mean twins are scary on the outside (which I'm sure they are...) but twin pregnancy's are scary. They are high risk and can be complicated. I also have questions about this because I had gastric bypass. Can I nutritionally support a twin pregnancy?

4. Money. We will never have enough money. 1 or 2 kids aside- We'll never have enough. But it is something to consider. Can we afford twins and all that comes with that??

So there is a lot to consider- I'm positive that there will be other factors involved. More decisions to make.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Decisions, Decisions...

I'm sitting here tonight looking through a package from my RE. Consent forms for IVF.

First of all- there are about a billion. Scary consent forms. Not just like "Please let us bill your insurance" consent forms. Like "If you die, what should we do with your frozen kids" consent forms. And then "If ONE of you dies, what should we do with your frozen kids". And the questions just keep going.

I'm having a WTF moment. How did we end up here? I'm discussing with my husband what would happen to our frozen embryos if we both die. What?