Tuesday, October 9, 2012

:::tap, tap::: Is this thing on?

Anyone still reading? I'm here, I'm alive! Just until today, I've been boring. I started a new job with an amazeballs new schedule and without one biatch of a manager and that's about it. We've been doing a lot of waiting. I'm really good at the waiting.

Today we went back to our first RE at the largest group in town. We'll call it Le Baby Factory. It sounds better if you say it all French and stuff. Anyway- our RE there Dr. K- thinks we don't have a sperm problem. He thinks J has plenty of sperm for ICSI and that we most likely won't need to have the Uro do the biopsy as a back up, but that he likes the idea of the back up. I don't have to repeat any testing so we are good to go as soon as we want to.

So really the only thing in my way is the schedule. J and I are going away for a week in November- and that jacks up the program. Because the IVF lab at Le Baby Factory is closed for the holidays. Blah. In order to cycle before things shut down- I'll have to start stims no later than 12/6. Which means we'll have to try and mess with my cycle a bit in order to get that to happen. If not- we wait till next year. A whole other year gone with no baby. ::sigh::

So right now the plan is to start Birth Control with this period. I'll take it for two weeks, then stop for four days, then go back on for 19 days. And then- we start. All of this is contingent on me getting my period no later than the 15th of October. That bitch better come early.


  1. I'm reading I'm reading! Seldom-bloggers unite!

  2. Congrats on the new job and congrats on the good news. Here's hoping that you can cycle before the holidays!

  3. I think facebook ate my comment to you but I am so glad to hear you have a plan and a backup plan. And so glad you're in a new job because I know that last one was slowly killing your soul from the sound of it. <3 Can't wait for you to get to begin your cycle, 'cmon AF!!

  4. I'm still here!

    I'm glad the 2nd opinion is better! And congrats on the new job!