Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Martha?? You out there?

I've been thinking about you.

Did you go to Le Baby Factory? I hope you had a good consult. I feel good about going back to them and I hope you do too.

Keep me posted!

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  1. I'm here! We have had our follow up with the urologist last week and his testosterone went up to well into the normal range, so that was great news. I was so sure it was going to be bad news, I almost burt into tears in the office with relief when we heard the number, but managed to wait until we were in the elevator. Our consult with le baby factory (like it!) isn't until 10/22, so we have a couple weeks to go. Hopefully we'll get some more news. My best guess is still December/January for any sort of treatment. (Hopefully they'll move forward with me. In addition to the low count and motility, I have low AMH and high FSH, we're just a barrel of IF fun!). Thanks for asking! Oh, and to reach me not through your blog, I'm at melarson76 at gmail dot com. I'll let you know how our consult goes when we have it.