Monday, April 18, 2011

What makes a good day?

Two things REALLY made today Super Mega Awesome.

1. I got my pathology report back today and ALL the lymph nodes are CANCER FREE!! And that means NO MORE SURGERY!! WAAAHOO!! Amazeballs. Simply Amazeballs. There ended up being three instances of cancer in the thyroid and one of the nodules had some more aggressive cells in it. Because of that, Super Endo recommends that I go through radiation iodine treatment. And really- I'm ok with that. As long as I don't have to have any more surgery- I'm down. So REALLY good news.

2. My kind, kind friend Katie (from THIS post) offered to come with me to the hospital today. Katie is a Hematology/Oncology nurse (for kids, but whatevs)and is familiar with all the medical jargon and hospital business. And she knows that it was TOTALLY possible for me to actually murder my mother before the day ended. So it was very kind of her to offer to be the buffer and translator of all things medical. Soooooooooooo...we go into the nuclear medicine department and there is Dr. Garcia. Dr. McDreamy Garcia. My young, cute, non-wedding ring wearing radiation oncologist. Dr. McDreamy Garcia and Katie spent my appointment being flirty mcflirty. McDreamy Garcia offered all of us his card at the end of the appointment and Katie promptly asked him out for drinks via email. I'm so proud of Katie for this and told her I would have to blog about it.

So dear blog readers- Cross your fingers that the good news keeps flowing for both Katie and I.

And since you were all is a link to Dr. McDreamy Garcia. CLICK ME.


  1. Haha, love that about McDreamy and Katie! :)

    Great wonderful awesome news for you for no more surgeries!!!!

  2. That's great news!! I am so happy to hear this :)

  3. Are amazeballs made with awesomesauce?

    I love that she asked him out! Go Katie!

  4. That is WONDERFUL NEWS!!! I am so glad there is no cancer in your lymph nodes and no more surgery needed! I hope that the radiation treatment goes well too. Good luck to your friend!

  5. Yes, yes, yes! :)

    When do we get to see a picture of this doctor? Maybe when you're in their wedding? haha

  6. Ladies, no reply from Dr. McSteamy yet. My friends seem to either think if I don't hear by Friday I should call him or doing so would be overly aggressive and would scare him. Although I have nothing to lose, I am still leaning towards the latter. Ya know, there was an exam table in the room where we all met. I should have just jumped him there. Lesson learned. I would like to point out that as self-centered as this little story sounds, I still think I prioritized you, Kath!

  7. This is awesome news Kathy!!! So happy no more surgery. Wish you luck with radiation! Truly hope your friend gets the call from McDreamy and it turns into something wonderful!

  8. I can't believe you just posted a link to his pic and bio. If you ladies start emailing him asking why he hasn't responded to me, he might consider a restraining order against me!! I do appreciate the cheerleading though. Us 32-year olds need to keep hope alive that Mr. (or) Dr. Right is out there. It warms my hear to see that you found him, my friend!