Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 11: Favorite TV Shows

Our TV is on a lot. I hardly ever watch it. JC is a big TV watcher. Most of it is TV that I could do without. We actually just switched from Comcast to Dish TV in an effort to save a few dollars. JC was going through the channels to see what I wanted and there was nothing in there that I HAD to have. I mean at the end of the day- I'll take the money in savings over the TV any day.

I have had a few that I really enjoyed over time...

*Warning* I am about to admit how lame I am. No judgement here.

1. Dawson's Creek- I loved Pacey Whitter. Loved.
2. Lost- JC and I blew through like every season on Netflix during the blizzard last year and then I got SUPER pissed at how they ended it.
3. Weeds- I loved it until Season 5. And then I didn't love it anymore.
4. Dexter- I hope it stays on forever.
5. The Supernatural- JC got me into this and now I'm in it for Jensen Ackles. Yum.

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