Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 12: What You Believe

Difficult territory for me these days.

I grew up Catholic and when I lost my father, my faith was really made stronger. I became not only a person of great faith, but more religious- went to mass more, prayed more- I guess more outwardly religious.

Somewhere along the way that part got a bit lost and even more recently I have really started to question not the basic beliefs of the Church, but the Church as an Institution. I don't understand how people can believe that God would create something bad. Gay people, for example. Or IVF.
How would I ever be able to take my kids to a Church that believes they aren't natural?

So what DO I believe?

Just a few...

1. I think that most people are good and deserve a chance.
2. I think you get what you give. Good and Bad.
3. I believe that when you die- you get to be with the people you have lost.
4. I agree with my friend Lissasue that essentially God has made things good and man is the one who wrecks it.
5. I think that sometimes science overrides faith.

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