Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 10: Something You're Afraid of

Can't I skip this day of the challenge?!? I hate admitting this kind of crap.

Mine are typical, I guess. After the death of my father- I clearly have a fear of losing those close to me. But especially now that I'm married- I have such a different perspective about what my Mom went through when she lost her husband of 25 years. JC and I are one year deep and I can't even sleep when he's away on business.

And clearly- this whole IF thing has brought up the what happens if it doesn't work fear. I have nothing else to write about this because in Glass Half Full Girl of 2011 mode- this isn't something to fear. It will work.

I have other irrational fears that are more amusing- at least for others. (or so says my husband...)

1. Fear of all my teeth falling out.
So you think this would lead me to brushing my teeth like every 5 seconds- but I don't. I do floss like 3-4 times a day, though. Put your judgement away.

2. Revolving doors.
Terrified that the door will smack me on the back of my heels. Hate them.

3. My cat running away
I think this is legit- he ran away once and his paws will never ever touch the outdoors again. Inside Kitty Only.

After discussing this with JC last night...he thought of another.
4. Having the alarm clock set on any number ending in 0 or 5.
It's true. This gives me serious anxiety for some reason. JC and I have ended up with separate alarm clocks for this very reason. Again- put your judgement away.

But just to out him as well- JC's irrational fears are:
1. Extreme constipation
2. Not being totally prepared for a Zombie apocalypse.


  1. re: #4 - I am just the opposite. I never set my alarm clock for 0s or 5s. I set it to weird times (like weekdays when it's set for 5:46). And I cracked up at your hubby's #2! (Well, fear #2, not the fear of no number two in #1 - lol.)

  2. MT- That is what I meant- I can NOT have it set to 0's or 5's. Or consecutive numbers. Worst nightmare: 3:45. Ahhh!