Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I was going to update yesterday to tell everyone in Blog-Land that I was starting birth control AGAIN, but for realzies this time. We were all set to cycle in early January. And before I could even write the post- it was already changed.

The financial lady called me and said they were having problems getting insurance authorization and that in order to move forward and schedule the cycle, we would have to sign something agreeing to pay out of pocket if they couldn't work it out. They warned us that in the past, people have been billed, and then had to submit for payment on their own. And all of that sounds like not anything we want to deal with. So we've decided once again to wait. I'm a waiting expert.

This all feels fake. Like we're just going to keep talking about doing it, but we won't realllly try. I have such low expectations now. Sometimes I just want to throw in the towel and just quit, but I know I'll regret not trying.


  1. As I already said, you are closer now than you have ever been. You WILL get your chance. Hang in there, love <3 Hurry up, January!

  2. waiting is by far the hardest part, it gets harder as you get closer but once you get the go ahead to start (for realz) time will fly. <3

  3. I know waiting sucks. And the feeling that all we're ever doing is waiting. But I swear, things will come together at some point in the near future - and you'll get your chance.

  4. Ugh, I'm so sorry, waiting is the worst. And the money it costs is astounding. It's so much that I don't think that I comprehend it.

    We're moving forward in January--getting my drugs today. Expectations are still super low, though. Too many more hurdles...

    January can't come fast enough.