Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Urologist Update

Ahhhhhhhhh! Just when you think there is a plan- a road map of some sort through all this crap, something else happens and it all goes to shit.

J went to the urologist. He's going back on Clomid. And we're going back to our old RE for a consult. Too much is up in the air to blog about for the moment.

All I know is that this cycle is off. Blah.


  1. I'm not a blogger, but I've been reading blogs for a while, your blog only recently.

    We're in a similar situation. I was at your current RE's office, although not your RE, and was gung ho about the NCIVF, but when my husband's numbers came back atrocious, the clinic suggested donor sperm or adoption. We're not ready to give up on my husband and told the RE that. We decided to meet with a urologist (Dr. S, who we absolutely LOVED) and he's now been on Clomid for two weeks. We have a consult with the other big RE clinic in town at the end of October. We're waiting to see if the Clomid works and what the new clinic will say. Needless to say, the waiting is frustrating and horrible.

    Thanks for sharing your story. I hope that the Clomid works you're where we want to be by year's end.

    1. Martha thanks so much for your comment. This actually kind of validates our thinking, so I appreciate it more than you know. I have intentions of blogging about our decisions and reasons for going back to the other group in a future post. I really love our Uro also and I really respect his input (also partly why we're going back). I hope you'll continue to read and comment. I hope the Clo works for you as well! Cheers.

  2. I was telling my husband about your blog this morning a little bit about your experience and how it mirrors ours to some degree. I also love our urologist, who recommended we go to the other clinic for a second opinion, so I wonder if we have the same one? In any case, I'll definitely keep reading and wishing you luck!