Saturday, February 18, 2012

I am alive, I swear.

Um, sorry for the enormous blogging hiatus. Totally didn't mean to do that. Where has the time gone?? It's almost freakin March?!?

So I'm home. Er, I've been home for a while now. I'd be lying if I said I missed Maine. Cause I don't. It was good to come home to my husband and have lots of "I haven't seen you in two weeks sex". Brown Chicken Brown Cow! ha ha

And now I'm back at work where my job is slowly sucking my will to live. I've been cut off from the internet during the day. I can only do a little web surfing from my phone in between phone calls. This really means almost none. I'm working in a call center now- chained to the phone all the live long day and by the time I get home, I have no interest in computers or telephones, really. It fries my brain for the most part. So I've been reading at night in place of interwebz surfing. Reading so much that I may make it to 75 books this year!!??!? Whoa.

I'm going to blog more, I swear. Things are picking up and hopefully we're going to get back to all that baby making. More on that to come.

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  1. Ugh, that's awful! I'm sorry you're chained to the phone and computer.