Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Holy Shiz it's Tuesday already?

I can barely keep up. Here we go.

1. Three weeks from tomorrow, we are leaving for South Carolina. Seriously. Can't.Happen.Soon.Enough. For realsies.

2. The approaching holidays are bumming me out in a serious way. Another stupid Christmas with no kids. If we could skip to January, it would really work out best for me. MMMmmmkay?

3. I got to see my niece and nephew last weekend and I love them. I melt when I see them. Except for the part when I spend the WHOLE time giving my sister a HUGE side eye for her parenting choices. I know, I know- when I have my own, I'll see what it's like. Whatever. My 18 month old nephew ate a block of Styrofoam while she sat on the couch. I can't deal.

4. Spending my whole life at work is not helping me deal with anything. I should know that by now.

5. I bailed on birth control. Stupid? Maybe. But let's be real- no sperm = no baby. So whatevs.
Oh and then you would have to have sex too. There's that. Humph.

6. J's birthday is in 13 days. Guess who has NO clue what to get him? That's right- THIS girl.

7. I just realized that all my things are super negative. I'm having a good hair day today. There's my one good thing. Ha!

8. I HAVE to get my ass on the elliptical machine before it gets any bigger!! Yikes!

9. The only TV show that I like watching- Top Chef- (random, right??) is starting a new season tonight. Whoop Whoop!!

10. Our anniversary is coming up in two weeks. We decided to get ourselves a joint present and get a new piece of furniture. The 2nd Anniversary gift is wood, after all!

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