Saturday, November 5, 2011

Facebook blows.

Once I posted about the day that I ran into the girl from high school in my RE's office. Today Facebook told me that she had a baby girl. :::le sigh:::

I shouldn't care, but lately I feel like puking. I hate feeling jealous of other people. I'd like to be satisfied with what I've been given in life. Infertility sucks.


  1. Sometimes, I want to quit Facebook. And this is coming from the girl that has had Facebook since it hit college campuses (other than the Ivy Leagues campuses that it started at) in late '03 or early '04. And, it's not just from all the young, single/unmarried, girls that are pregnant or h already have children posting on Facebook... it's just so much nonsense that I see on there.

    I try not to read my news feeds anymore. I just go directly to my page, or the friend's page that I intend to post on. It's helped a bit for me.

    Big hugs!!