Monday, October 17, 2011

Max: 1, Porta-Potty: 0

This weekend J and I took our niece and nephew to the Maryland Renaissance Festival. After all my time growing up in Maryland, I've never been to the Ren Fest. And now I know why.

I'm not into Renaissance Festival stuff. I don't like to dress up and drink grog and eat things off sticks. It was fun to bring the kids- we did pony rides and face painting. We got to be the totally awesome Aunt and Uncle who will buy you stuff, load you with sugar, and then send you home to Mom and Dad!

We've been telling Max for a while now that he couldn't come on our fun adventures until he was sporting some big boy pants. Aunt Kathy and Uncle J don't do diapers! So he's about 2 months deep on the potty training and all out of diapers. It was our first outing with Max. Well the Ren Fest has no indoor plumbing- it's a 100% porta-potty kinda place. Max had never used a porta potty before and 100% REFUSED to even try. He wanted nothing to do with it. I even made J go in and "show" him how it's done. But no dice. We had to leave and take him to a Burger King. ha ha

The strangest part was driving around with two kids seats strapped into our car. All I could do was think about how I wanted them to be mine.


  1. At first I LOL'd at the potty thing then I "awwww"-ed. ((hugs)) to you

  2. First of all - who doesn't like food on a stick!?

    Second - I don't blame Max.

    Third - you'll have your own kiddos in that car soon. ((hugs))