Sunday, September 4, 2011

Yard Sale: FAIL.

We finally had our yard sale today. It had been rescheduled three times because of rain. Just in case you are wondering- Labor Day Weekend is not a good time for a yard sale.

The last time we had a yard sale- people were standing outside our house waiting for me to bring the stuff outside. It was total chaos. There were so many people there you couldn't keep track of all of them. This time- it was like tumbleweed rolling through the yard. We probably made about $100 and sold about one sixth of the stuff we had put out for sale. Most of the stuff was from my mom's house that we had brought in hopes that we could make some cash, but no dice. It was all carted off to Goodwill.

Yard Sale = Epic Fail.

1 comment:

  1. We tried to have a yard sale in the spring and we had an epic fail too. I think we made 30 bucks and the rest went to Goodwill. Blah!