Monday, September 26, 2011


I've always wanted to travel for work. Secretly I always wanted to build up airline miles and hotel points and use them for my own personal gain. Plus when I was younger, it always sounded so fancy. "I'm traveling for work this week." How grown up, right?

And now I'm traveling for work and I have no desire. I love my bed and I can't sleep well without my husband. Lame, right? It looks like I'm headed to Machias, ME for two weeks. Yes- Machias, Maine is a real place. Population 2,500. There are more moose than men in Machias. So just about the only thing in Machias is the call center that I'm going to visit and a bunch of lobsters. I'm pretty sure that the place that we are staying is much closer to Canada than it is to Machias.

Here is my list of reasons that I'm not happy about going to Machias:
1. I'm going to Maine with two co-workers. One is at least 70 and one is 26. Quite the trio, aren't we? My 70 year old co-worker is most upset that there is no Walmart in Machias. Please god let us have more than one rental car.

2. I'm not quite sure that I'll have cell phone service in Machias. Sadface. How will I talk to JC?

3. Internet access = questionable. I mean people in Machias have to use the internet, right?!?! Off the grid for two weeks? I legit need the internet for work so this could really suck.

4. Husband-less for two weeks. I hate that part the most.

5. Too many unknowns. I'm a planner. I need to have a plan. Can I do laundry in Machias? Can I call people? What do I need to wear to this place? What is the schedule like? No plans sucks.

6. It's already freezing in Machias.

But on the bright side- I can get a lobster for like $3 in Machias, I'll probably get to see a Moose up close, and go to Canada. Hopefully there are good magnets too.


  1. I would hate it too. Bleh.

    I'm sure there are phones and the internet there though, and it'll be fun spending other people's money. :)

  2. I'm sure the hotel has a phone. Set up a time for DH to call you. This way you don't get charged by the hotel but still get to talk (That's if cell service sucks). And there's got to be internet SOMEWHERE in town. Hope the time goes by quickly, but try to enjoy nature!

  3. I live in Machias. You will have cell service, laundry, and Internet access. We do not have more men than moose. We have an incredible population of artists. We have some of the most amazing scenery, hiking, kayaking, beach walking, in the country. We are still only wearing sweaters - there is a fall coolness in the air but it is absolutely spectacular. If you would like a guide or two to show you some of the life-changing, gorgeous sites here, call 255.0618. I am a journalist, artist, and CHOSE to move to Machias two years ago. You can buy bread and eggs from one farmer here, buy fresh fish off the sea wall dike, pick up lobsters for $4 straight off the boat, and slow down and breathe. There are local fairs where you can get homemade aprons, soap and potholders. There are enrichment programs at the University of Maine at Machias (yes, there is a campus here.) There are art galleries and antique shops. There is an amazing wine and cheese shop, a fabulous public library, a hardware store where you can buy spices and paint, and the best pizzeria east of Detroit Michigan. I think you may look back at your two weeks here and say "I really want to go back." Sharon Mack