Monday, September 19, 2011

It's D Day.

Dentist Day.

So I had my first full blown all out panic attack today. At the CONSULTATION- no work actually done to my teeth. Like the kind when you can't take a full breath and I felt so hot that I thought I may pass out. And I was doing the ugly cry. It was a stellar performance. J was checking me in at the dentist while the dentist himself was trying to calm me the fvck down. Seriously- this isn't normal. Not even a little bit. Once I got in the chair I was ok, thankfully.

The good news- I survived the consultation.
The bad news- I need 2 root canals. FML.

There will be sedation involved. I'm already armed with happy pills for the night before. I don't want to remember even one second of it. I go back on next Wednesday. NO FUN.

P to the S- J was Super Husband today. He offered to hold my hand the whole time and didn't even laugh at me while I was busy making a complete and total ass of myself. He is amazing.

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  1. Aww man. :( I promise root canals aren't bad, but nothing I say will ease your anxiety. I was very scared before I had to get one. The dentist had to keep stopping cuz I was shaking so bad. Glad you're getting sedated! Whatever works! :)