Monday, June 27, 2011

Low Iodine Diet: FAIL!

I'm supposed to start my low iodine diet today. I'm sitting here drinking my Starbucks- full of dairy which is a big low iodine no no. I was away all weekend and was highly unprepared for all that low iodine meant. It means a lot of shopping and a lot of cooking. Not cool, man.

Low Iodine means that until I get out of the hospital- July 21st- I can't have: dairy products (goodbye cheese- I miss you already!), processed breads/crackers, anything with iodized salt, seafood, or soy. So pretty much all I can eat is fresh fruits and veggies, and chicken or beef. Plain. No marinades or dressings (most have salt in them). I know it's temporary, but it sucks. It's just this huge reminder that I have cancer and I'm about to go through treatment for it. I'd rather just eat cheese and forget about the cancer part.

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  1. What a PITA! I bet everything has salt in it! At least it's summer so you can stock up on good fruit. <3 you.