Friday, April 29, 2011

I'm tired of hospitals.

So more surgery in our house. Except not for me this time. Since we didn't have anything else going on recently (insert sarcasm here), JC decided this would be the best time for him to have surgery. So he is going to have RNY Gastric Bypass Surgery- weight loss surgery. The same kind that I had almost four years ago now. JC has pretty bad gastric reflux disease and 2 years ago they found pre-cancerous cells in his esophagus. He also has a hiatal hernia. So the combination makes for not a good situation. The surgery will essentially cure the reflux disease by removing the part of his stomach that produces most of the acid. The hernia will be repaired in surgery and his weight loss will ensure that it will not happen again. It will be a bit of a long road- he'll be on a liquid diet all next week (and probably be a super crank-ass) and again for the week after surgery. The following 8 weeks will be a "mushy" food phase where all 4 tablespoons of what he eats will be similar to the consistency of applesauce. THEN he'll go back to solids, but still considerably less. I would expect him to drop about 100lbs. by the end of the year. It will be a big change and a hard road, but in the long run- great for his health.

Is it wrong that I'm already thinking about the potential changes to his testosterone levels? I mean I guess it's possible that he'll drop a ton of weight and his hormone levels will normalize and then we won't need IVF in a year??? Dangerous thoughts for me. Anything is possble, though, right?


  1. It's not wrong to be hopeful. FX for you and JC!

    Also, do you watch House? There were some quotes at the end of the episode last night that reminded me of our past conversations about hope. I need to find it and I'll email it to you... so far no luck in my search.

  2. Ditto lissasue! That could be a hidden silver lining of your long wait.

    Can't wait to see you on Thurs.!