Thursday, September 16, 2010

IVF Update

I had a good little chat with my IVF nurse Chris yesterday. I let her know that I'm all scheduled for my HSG. She said I can go ahead and schedule my follow up appointment with Dr. Khan (my good-looking Indian RE who I really like) for a few days after my HSG.

October 8th it is. How can something be so exciting and make me want to throw up all at the same time?!? She let me know that at that appointment we'll get our IVF schedule and protocol. Here's the low down:
3 weeks of regular old birth control pills.
10-12 days of stimulating drugs
Egg Retrieval 24-36 hours after triggering
Eggs will be fertilized using ICSI
Egg Transfer either 3 or 5 days after retrieval
Then wait for the big news!

Sounds so simple, right?!? Lots to do to prepare- Injection classes, Mock Transfer. Lots of hands in my va-jay-jay. Lots. I guess I should just get over that part now.

My next concern- Before we got into the proposed schedule...she said "As long as things go ok with Dr. Ratner (new Urologist that specializes in MFI), then we'll be good to go." HUH?? Holy Crap. What else would we need to get through?? So please, please, please cross your fingers that we make it through tomorrow. If we do- we'll be starting out soon!!

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