Friday, September 17, 2010

Hurry up and.........Wait.

I was so nervous about going to this doctor. I had already gone to the place in my head where he told me that we'd never have children. JC calls that "snowballing". I do it quite often.

So Dr. Ratner (my new hero and new Urologist) reviewed all our records, gave JC a quick once over, and asked some questions. And then he explained what he is 98% certain is the reason behind our problems. An enzyme called Aromatase. Dr. Ratner explained that men produce both testosterone and estrogen. They are usually in a ratio where the T is much higher than the E. In men that are overweight (like my JC) there is an over abundance of this enzyme called Aromatase that changes T into E and shrinks the ratio. Best thing is that there is a drug that can block the production of this enzyme and return the ratio to normal. The.Best.News.Ever. In combination with that- JC is going on Clomid to stimulate the production of FSH. This will help get his testicles working overdrive to make up for lost time (kinda...).

So we test drive this cocktail for a month and then repeat blood work. If the T #'s are up significantly- then we do another 3 months and repeat the SA to see if the increased T has helped our SA numbers.

Good Things About This Plan:
1. These drugs will help JC feel better without impacting our TTC plans. Yeah!
2. Worst case scenario- we know we can have IVF with ICSI.
3. This plan *could* increase his count enough for us to try IUI! HOLY CRAPOLA!
4. The test drive period lets us get everything with the house squared away and the last of our bills paid off in the mean time.

So if you've made it this far- you deserve a cookie.

Needless to say- great appointment for strange reasons. Now I hurry up and wait.


  1. That is such great news! I imagine it's awesome to finally have answers!! Definitely sounds like all good news to me!! So excited for you and JC!

  2. Yes- it is! We were very happy we went to see this new Doc!