Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I am a blogging fail.

I for real suck at blogging. I promise to try to be better. So much has happened in the last few weeks. Where do I even start?!?

So let me update you. Sit back. This might be a long one.

JC (Husband's new alias) has been having strange pain in his side after he eats for a little while now. To me- it sounds like gall bladder problems. I *finally* convince him that he needs to go see a doctor about it. The GI Specialist sends him for an ultrasound of his gall bladder. The results show that his gall bladder is a-ok, but his liver- not so much. Fatty Liver Disease. I get to googling (clearly) and find out that this may or may not be connected to the hormone issues that he's having and we wait to see the urologist.

JC goes to urologist ALONE. Mistake #1. I now know that JC will never go to important doctors appointments alone. Ever. He sucks at the question asking part. Urologist tells him- sure- take Androgel. It won't hurt the swimmers and will fix your liver too. Oh and go get this semen analysis done. If it comes back bad- go see a fertility specialist. UM, HELLO. TONS of questions in between all those statements. Does JC ask any of them? Negative. So frustrating. But I digress. After a fair amount of googling and asking the girls on the boards (wonderful ladies- they are so helpful, really) I've been told that Androgel is a big no-no. I put the kabosh on him taking that stuff until we have more information.

I go to a new OB. I tell her my whole story- Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gastric Bypass (not sure I mentioned that...I had weight loss surgery like 3 years ago), Low Testosterone- the whole business. She does some reading while I'm sitting there and tells me that I should go back on my arthritis meds. They will be safe for TTGP and while I'm pregnant as well. THANK YOU GOD! That will make a HUGE difference in my quality of life. She tells me that I should send JC to a fertility clinic for the S/A- not a regular lab and writes me an order.

JC whines like a baby about providing the sample. I tell him to shut it multiple times and he complies. We turned in the sample last Monday and began to wait.

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