Monday, May 20, 2013

Last Beta

6839! Whoa. Maybe there really are two baking in there.

No more betas. Now we wait for the big show. Ultrasound. I'm scheduled for 5/28. LONGEST.WAIT.EVER.

In the meantime, I'm moving back in with my Mom this weekend. Well WE'RE moving in with my Mom. I guess J and Boo Kitty can come too. And then right after that my Mom's having heart surgery. It's gonna be a loooong two weeks. I need it to be June.


  1. Daaaaanngg girl! Hope 5/28 gets here super quick!

  2. Awesome numbers! I remember mine were very high too. Our dr. thought we might have triplets and was surprised when he only saw two! Fingers crossed for at least one solid heartbeat! Good luck!

  3. I haven't had a chance to tell you how happy I am. I'm over the moon thrilled for you. Congratulations!

  4. Congrats!! I'm a "stalker" from TB and have been following your blog for a while! Do you plan on sharing your u/s results here??