Saturday, September 1, 2012


Late last night- 12:45am- this is what was going on in my house.

<------First we drew up meds. On the left is the Novarel (hCG) or Trigger. On the right is the special sauce (my husband's name for it) that you mix with it. You can see our sheet of instructions in the background. Never have I ever mixed meds before so I think we were both a little nervous.

And then we broke out the needle. Whoa. That sucker was big. I'm very used to injections- I get one once a week for arthritis meds, but those are teeny tiny sub-q needles. This was a big fat intramuscular needle. Ouch. ----------->

<-----And there is my J with my trigger all ready to put that bad boy right in my butt. Ha ha ha. Well for real, though- it did go kind of in my butt- more like the lower hip/upper butt area. He did a great job. It didn't hurt hardly at all. We were right on time at 12:45.

I went in this morning to see if things were working out as they should and Dr. P (partner of Dr. G) who will do my retrieval this weekend says my follie is big and perfect. Everything is looking exactly as it should.


So tomorrow we go in at 9am. J will give his sample prior to retrieval to check for good sperm. If we're all clear there (please please please please) then retrieval will be at 10:45.

Somehow this all feels like the very first cycle. Like this is our first REAL chance at having a baby.


  1. Kathy I have been following your blog and am so happy and excited for you! I cant wait for your ER tomorrow and wish you and J the best of luck! Fingers are firmly crossed that this is it for you!!! xoxoxo

  2. Yay for you!!!!!! Been watching for your updates!!! On this end, was supposed to be at CD1 yesterday and got a false alarm (but I realized this AFTER I called DF to schedule baseline for Sunday...). Still nothing today.... So not sure whether to go get some hpt's or just wait...just my luck! Hope tomorrow goes splendid for you both!

  3. Yay!!! I'm sitting here right now thinking of you and praying that retrieval goes well. I'm so excited for you, my friend, and have everything crossed for you. <3

  4. I am so excited for you Kathy! Everything crossed love!!

    Also, I nominated your blog for an award <3