Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The No Update Update

Since Saturday- I've been for monitoring twice- Monday and today. Things are slow growing. So far I have two measurable follicles on the right- both at about 14mm. But that's about it. I go back again on Friday.

A little discouraging, but I have to remember that when I was charting (like 2 years ago?!? WTF?) I usually would ovulate around day 15. And today is day 11. So I still have a few days to go. Hopefully there is some growth on Friday.

On a good note- meds are scheduled to arrive tomorrow. PHEW.


  1. Sorry there's not much happening! I'm sure the RE is just taking precautions you did ovulate early, but probably doesn't expect it.

    I hope you have some fabulous news to share on Friday! xo

  2. I`m a very slow responder, but I always catch up in the end. FX for you!

  3. Slow and steady growth is good. FX for great news on Friday.

  4. I'm watching this for updates, lady!!