Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Trip to Maine

Here are some Maine pics and a few highlights....

The view from the Inn where we stayed. We face the Machias River (which promptly froze about a week later). The Inn was really nice, actually. Very cozy despite having to share a bathroom with Coworker Kim.

The Innkeepers run a restaurant in town called Helen's. They have two amazing things there. 1. Pie as shown above. Chocolate Coconut Pie. YUM. There was a lot of this pie going on while I was there. 2. On Tuesday nights, they serve what might be THE BEST mac and cheese I've ever had. It's the only thing I'm looking forward to about my return trip to Maine.

These are the radio towers on Cutler Navy Base. We visited the base one day (about a 45 minute drive from town) to have our computers fixed. Huge base, but not much around that area. We also learned that Cutler is where lots of the Lobster Fishermen live.
This is me making every attempt not to freeze to death outside the Dunkin Donuts. Needless to say- there is no Starbucks in Machias.
It gets dark in Maine at 4pm. And not just dusk- PITCH BLACK DARK. Note the time on the clock and the blackness of it all. It's dark as a mother clucker. And there is hardly any light in town. A few street lights, but no stop lights. In fact- I drove to 90 miles to Bangor and didn't see my first stop light for about 60 miles.

I drove back to Bangor on Thursday in a snow storm. In a rented Chevy Cruz. Not fun, people. Not fun. The people in Maine are totally used to driving in this kind of mess. They drive big cars, tiny cars- who cares. Those of us who reside below the Mason Dixon line aren't so accustomed to driving in all the white stuff. Needless to say- it was a long ass trip and I was stressed out the whole time.

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