Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irrational Fears

Mine is the Dentist.

I chipped a tooth this weekend. I have now had exactly two panic attacks thinking about going to the dentist to get it fixed. I've contemplated what the worst case scenario would be if I just didn't go and left it there broken. It's in the back and you can't see it. So that makes it ok, right?

I had a terrible dentist as a child and I have been told several times that I have genetically bad teeth- prone to cavities and the like. Awesome right? Get in line with my Cancer and Infertility problems, Bad Teeth. Oh and the arthritis too. Let's not forget that. Anyway- my childhood dentist scared me for life and I have been wrecked ever since. I have spent the last hour googling "Sedation Dentistry" in hopes that it will help ease my fears and fix my jacked tooth.


  1. I used to shake uncontrollably in the dentist chair, even during a cleaning. Getting a root canal and braces (as an adult) fixed that. :) Good luck lady!

  2. Awww girl, you can do it! Get recommendations from people- number 1 way to find a good dentist. I worked for one for 5 years and overcame my dental fears. You can do it (and don't leave that tooth for too long!) :-)