Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Are you Pinning??

Let's discuss Pinterest. I'm in love. I feel like I'm starting to think about what my "style" is. I'm decorating my house with it. It's inspired me to be crafty. I'm making coasters this weekend. I'm the owner of modge podge. Me- crafty? Who knew?? See that new quote in that blue box up there? It's a repin and a new fave of mine.

I'm loving trying new things. All the crafting and the knitting (ok- just casting on still, but it's a start!) is making me feel like there is more to life than trying to get pregnant. And I think along the way I forgot about that. I'm determined to be happy this year. Relentless Optimism strikes again.

And since I'm a whore...

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  1. Not only do I love Pinterest for the awesome-ness that it is, I love Pinterest for its ability to take my mind off of everything else in life that I want to forget for that short period of time. Trying to get pregnant being one of them.

  2. YAY for relentless optimism!!!!! So happy for you, sweetie. Can't wait to see all your crafty ideas brought to life. <3

  3. Pinning is awesome! I started pinning a couple months back, and have all kinds of baby, exercise, and quotes pinned! I'm laura6728

  4. Im so in love with pinning and that quote rocks my socks! Craftiness is awesome and really helps you take your mind of stuff! <3