Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sometimes men SUCK.

If we ever get divorced, instead of "irreconcilable differences" it will be because of Play Station 3. Ever since we have acquired a PS3, DH has spent a *serious* quantity of time playing Fall Out Vegas. I seriously could shoot myself.

Meanwhile I've been cooking and cleaning and doing laundry. Others have offered to make dinner, but JC? Not even once. No help with laundry. No help with grocery shopping. Tonight I asked him if he had called the RE or the Uro to make appointments (ya know...try to follow up on the zero sperm issue) and did he do that? Um, nope. Seriously. PISSED.

I am his wife. Not his mother. I feel like I have to tell him he's not allowed to play with his toys until all the chores are done. And now I'm going to be in the hospital tomorrow and we're barely speaking.



  1. I'm sorry YH is sucking at being a good DH right now. But I feel ya, if I want dishes or laundry done on the weekends I work...I have to remind him before I leave...like I'm his mom. I throw in a little guilt trip sometimes to grease the wheels to.

  2. Sorry you have to deal with that at what I'm sure is already a stressful enough time. I hear ya though... with DH it's the Xbox.. Nothing ever gets done unless I am there to make him do it. It's really annoying to have to treat him like a child sometimes. I agree with Katib on the guilt trip, that can work wonders...