Friday, June 10, 2011

One Year Ago...

Tomorrow, I made THIS post. My very first blog post. :::le sigh:::

I remember being so hopeful. I remember thinking our biggest obstacle would be my arthritis. I remember stalking my chart every day- staring at it looking for patterns. I remember analyzing every twinge I felt.

So here I am a whole year later. And nothing is as it was then.

I gave up on charting long ago- just didn't seem to have a point anymore. I know we'll never have a baby "the old fashioned way". I have cancer. My husband and I have both been hospitalized since then.

Next year has to be better, right?


  1. Yes, next year HAS to be better! If it's not, I think I might lose my mind. I'm guessing you feel the same with everything you are going through. Big hugs!

  2. YES. Your next year has to be better, because great people don't get sucky year after sucky year. Even though your IVF has been pushed back (AGAIN), you'll still have it done next year, if you end up even needing it. In the meantime, we're all riding along with you in healing both "Enrique" and yourself. Get a new job and stock up on paid leave! You'll need it when baby comes along ;-). Which will happen.