Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Car and a Call Out

A strange combo, huh?
We bought a new car today- a 2011 Honda Insight. This one's not mine, but it looks like this:

It's a hybrid and gets about 40 miles to the gallon. Compared to the 17 that I get now- it will almost pay for itself in the gas savings alone. It's cute and I like it.

So Car Sales Guy sold us our Pilot also (we're turning into Honda whores). So we're waiting- always a lot of waiting when you buy a car- and he says to me "Is that scar on your neck new?" Um, yes. I have cancer. Thanks for bringing it up. Appreciate that. We keep talking- idle chit chat and he wants to know why we have no kids. Um, yes. Infertile. Again- thanks for bringing it up.

Seriously- I can't escape this shit. My one small victory of the night was learning that my credit score is 4 points higher than my husband's. I could tell that it bothered him and I kind of loved it.

PS- Low Iodine Egg Salad, while green and odd looking- tastes ok.


  1. Stupid chit chat. But yay for a new car! And I already knew you were Honda whores when you would recommend your old CRV to people. Clearly my Rav-4 is better. :-P

  2. Three years ago before my husband and I were married we went to buy him a new car. Ended up putting it in my name because of how much higher my credit score was. I joked if he left me at the alter, at least I'd get the car. LOL

  3. Ugh, that's all pretty tactless. I'm sorry, Kathy.

    Enjoy your new car and the holiday weekend!

  4. I really think you should come up with a story about being attacked by pirates and/or ninjas regarding your scar. Or you could just continue telling the truth to make people feel like inconsiderate assholes. That's a great way to go too.

    But yay for new cars! I have looked at CRVs and RAV4s myself lately since I need a new vehicle.

  5. Bah! Stupid chit chat! Seriously, people ask th most random shit, but do they really wanna know the answer? Not everyone has a happy ending. And who the frick ask, why don't you have any kids. Rude.

    Awesome for new cars! I'm pretty sure my credit score would be higher than my hubs' if I didn't have a gazillion dollars in student loan debt. :)