Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dr. Mo's Good News

My one spot of bright and shiney news out of the last week of madness...

Dr. Mo says it is totally realistic to think that JC's hormone levels could normalize on their own with weight loss. :::insert happy dance here:::

So now maybe fate will line everything up just right. I'll have radiation iodine treatment. JC will drop like 100lbs. and then we'll have babies the old fashioned way.



  1. That would be awesome, Kathy! Hoping you guys finally get some good news out of all of this.

  2. YAY!! That's great news! Geez I'm so sorry that I'm just now catching up on these blog posts, life has been busy. I'm just so happy that JC is feeling better and better and the doctor had such a good thing like this to tell you.