Sunday, April 10, 2011

Surgery- The real scoop.

I'm 2 days post-op today. I'm finally feeling like a real person again. I can't lie- the recovery has been a lot harder than I expected it to be. I guess all I have to compare this to is gastric bypass and this is much harder than gastric bypass.

So first a bit of an update from the medical side. Surgery went as expected. I was in surgery about 4 hours- longer than expected. They ended up taking out some of the lymph nodes around my thyroid that were pretty enlarged so things took a little longer than normal. Although the surgeon has opinions based on the way things look- nothing will be final until the pathology comes back sometime next week. But from what she says- her opinion is that I'm most likely headed in for another surgery to remove the nodes on the side of my neck and I will most likely need to have radiation iodine treatment. I'm not quite sure of the order of operations yet or when this will all occur. Most likely in about 6 weeks or so. (Pathology pending, of course) The recovery from this surgery has been a bit harder than I anticipated, so I'm not looking forward to the prospects of another one, but we'll just take one thing at a time.

But while I'm at it...I have to tell you about my hospital room. Cause it was oddly bizzare/awesome. I was wheeled into this room, opened my eyes- and thought I was at the Hilton. We paid for a private room, but this was more than I expected. It was like a suite.

It was a little odd, cause it was very hotel-ish- but actually turned out to be worth every penny.


  1. Worse than the gastric? Wow! I'm sorry you're in such pain!

    And definitely a sweet room!

  2. I am so sorry that your doc is anticipating another surgery! Hopefully she is wrong. Praying for a speedy recovery right now though.