Sunday, February 6, 2011

RE Update

We had our follow up with the RE on Friday. Friday was a bit nuts and I needed a little time to digest. Friday morning I went to the Endocrinologist. He said no babies until my TSH is under control. He put me on Synthroid and I'll back in 4 weeks. Pretty much what I expected.

Then we went to the RE in the afternoon. And based on all the tests- IVF with ICSI is our only option. And I knew that as well. Everything looks normal in both JC and my blood work (outside of the thyroid mess). He did mention that my CD3 follie count was low- at only 7. He said he expected it to be more like 10-20. So he said because of this- we may end up with less eggs to work with. I know that it's quality over quantity, but I can't help but be not happy about this. I'm hoping that maybe it was just a fluke (no idea if it's even possible for it to be a fluke or not...) but hopefully when I start cycling- the numbers will be better. The low follie count also lead him to assume that they will put me on higher stim doses. And for this out of pocket drug payin girl- that was not happy news either. I told him about the endo- and he agreed. No treatment until the thyroid levels are in the 3's. I'm hoping it will only take 4 weeks.

So bottom line- I'll go on BCP's not this cycle, but next. That should be sometime around the 3rd week in March. In the meantime we'll try to figure out how to pay for all fhis. ::sigh::

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  1. Big giant ((hugs)) Kathy! At least now you have a plan and know what to expect.