Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More Drama

Stupid Thyroid.

I went to get a thyroid sonogram at the request of my new endocrinologist. I used to work in a radiology office when I was in college. I know that in a radiology office- they never get the doctor unless it's bad news. So the tech did the scan and said to me "Ok- I'm going to go get the doctor."
And then I was in a panic.

So turns out that I have 2 nodules on my thyroid. Of course I immediately consulted Dr. Google. And everything I'm reading says that I shouldn't panic and that 98% of these are totally not an issue and no big deal. (PS- When has Dr. Google ever given out good news?!?) And then I get a cryptic message from the nurse that says "We can't start the process" until I have my lab work completed. WTF does that mean??

One sleepless night and a call to the endo's nurse later- she tells me that I'm fine and they were just reminding me to get my labs done. Whaaaaaaaaat?? If you say so?

And now- more waiting.
Follow up is 3/11. Need my stupid tyroid to behave and be in the 3's!


  1. BEHAVE THYROID!!!! There, now it should listen! Good luck to you sweetie.

  2. Big panda hugs to you, Kathy! I'm thinking of you and willing your numbers to get so low that they're like, "How the heck did you pull that off?" ;)

  3. Rooting for you as always, sweetie.

  4. Im with Miller. Got all my hopes that your numbers are pristine!!! So excited for you and what is to come for you!