Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Just got the call from the Finance Office at the RE... We have been approved for Shared Risk! Yeah!

Now does anyone have $26,000 I can have??


  1. SO glad to hear this, sweetie! It will be celebratory, forward-moving Thai for us tomorrow!!

  2. YAY!!!!!! That is great news!!

  3. Congrats! but a little bit of WOW $$$$!!!!! Good luck to you!!!

  4. How does your shared risk program work? Ours is 22,500 before meds for 3 fresh rounds (no FETs). If you get preg on first round, they refund 13k. If you get preg on second round, they refund 3k. So it's like paying a severely reduced price for the 3rd round if you need that many. Are you totally OOP? We are, and it really sucks.
    But HOORAY that your shared risk was approved!!

  5. I wish I had $26,000 to give you! Well, I also wish I had $26,000 to give ME...haha. Glad things are headed in the right direction!