Sunday, January 23, 2011


So yesterday was my first date with the "Dildo Cam". Not as bad as I expected and I guess it's something I should get used to. The good part is that everything (according to the Tech, of course) looked normal. I should get the blood work results and more specifics from the nurse on Monday. I'm only concerned about my thyroid levels. They have been high since May and because my doctor when out of business- It has been challenging to keep up with having them monitored. Needless to say- I'm sure I'll need to be medicated for that.

In other news- I'm standing at the desk at the RE's office and next thing I know- A girl I went to grade school and high school with is standing there in the waiting room. I recognize her husband from Facebook. Speechless. I never imagined that I'd be running into anyone I actually know in that office. So after a small awkward exchange- we agree to email, but keep this little run in under our hats. And all I could think of was this...

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