Friday, January 28, 2011

HSG- Done!

I got the ALL CLEAR today after my HSG. Phew. One more thing checked off the list. I had very little pain and just some mild cramps afterward. Nothing big.

JC dropped off his business this morning so now the wait begins for the results. Those are the important ones. Already having internal panic that all these drugs that he's been taking will have left him with not even a single swimmer. Please let me be wrong.


  1. Kathy - so happy to hear you are clear!
    Is it really possible the meds might leave him with no swimmers? I had no idea! I really hope that isn't the case. FX

  2. No- That is just my 100% insane paranoia. His count was SO low at the second SA that it couldn't get much worse. So since we're so close to being at zero- any backward progress would be super bad. BUT- I highly doubt this will happen. Just the crazy coming out!

  3. Put the cray-cray away today-day. :)