Friday, July 23, 2010

Yeah for me!

I made it through the whole day yesterday without crying. Win for me! JC and I had the chance to chat a bit about what might happen at the RE and what our choices might be. He's scared of the financial impact to us. I haven't even started to think about that part. I'm scared of all the drugs involved. Oh and scared that it won't work. All cart before the horse, clearly. I guess it's freaking me out because it seems like usually people go through a long series of treatments before getting into IVF territory. So it's a little bit like we're in the deep end of the pool and need some major floaties or a noodle or something. Total NOOBS in the IF world. We have a lot to learn!

I've been reading this book- The Infertilty Survival Handbook. You can find it here. It is awesome. It's written in this way where you feel like you are friends with the author and she's telling you all this stuff over a double tall soy mocha latte drink. It's just validated a lot of the lonely, scary feeling parts. Highly recommended. Thank you 3T Ladies for the good recommendation!

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